Just looking for some good shoegaze bands since wiki seems to fail at helping and google gave me a few links to individual band websites but not much beyond that.
The Radio Dept. is a pretty good gateway band.
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JAMC is quite closely related... And The Horrors' new record (Primary Colours) is very heavily influenced by MBV, you might like it...
Otherwise, i'm very interested in some good shoegaze bands too
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Bands/Artists of the month; Marco Sfogli, Marco Sfogli and Marco Sfogli .

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Protip: listen to Loveless last. it'll just ruin the rest of the genre for you.


I've been getting into some of the other bands as of late, though, as well as MBV's EPs.
Off the top of my head

There are the more noise-inclined bands like My Bloody Valentine, Panda Riot, Swervedriver, Lush, Catherine Wheel, Curve, early Asobi Seksu, and Medicine

Then there are the dream-pop oriented groups such as Slowdive (and Mojave 3, sort of), Ride, Spiritualized, late Asobi Seksu, and Cocteau Twins

Though some would argue that the Cocteau Twins, Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, and MBV's earlier stuff more of influenced the "movement" than participated in it. Whichever floats your boat.
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I find Loveless terribly overrated, though it is still a good place to start. This however, is one of the best albums i own: