So I have a 100$ Fender Solid State amp, nothing special just something to jam on. I have a DS-1, Big Muff, Small Clone, and an Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer. All my pedals work fine but my Tube Screamer, when I plug it in I barely hear anything even when the volume is all the way up, I cant even hear the clean guitar when the pedal isn't turned on. I took it into guitarcenter to see if it was bad and they hooked it up to one of their amps and said it was fine. So what is up with my amp? my other pedals work great with it, I dont experience this problem with any of them but the Tube Screamer.
It's rejecting the amplifier. Lol.

EDIT: Did you possibly mix the input and output? Or maybe your cable is damaged.
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either a patch cable has gone or your amp is too small for handle the high gain tube screamer, i tihnk thats what happened with my first amp and my DS2
new battery!
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Cable's are fine, and I'm running on a power cord so the power isn't the problem. It' really annoying because it worked at first but not anymore.
what size is your amp? if its only 12/15 watts something as powerful as a tube screamer may be too much?