i was just looking at some live footage of Om and Al Cisneros uses a brand of amp called Greenamp - i did a quick bit of reading up online but no where is too revealing, their logo looks similar to the Orange logo (and it would make sense with the colour themes) are these two related?
was just wondering if anybody could shed a bit of light on them for me? are they still a running company? are they any good and for what?
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They are good amps. Lots of stoner metal bands use them. I've played a green amp, and I've used a green cabinet. I dig them. They take pedals well. They are sort of in the realm with Bad Cat amps.
They are not affiliated with Orange. Electric Amps is an American Company.
i always thought they were a division of orange/matamp etc, but US based. not sure though, could just be rumor/hearsay.
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I was always told it wasn't. The dude that owned it, seemed he knew his shit.

After research it is an affiliate of Matamps.

But I heard that Green Matamps are wayyyy better than the newer Electric Green amps.

The Green Matamps (also other colours) are out of production and Electric amps produces them now.

Maybe they bought the rights and Matamp is just sticking to Matamp?
I heard electric amp was originally a US distributor for matamp. They were dicks, ripped off matamp, cloned there amps and sold them as their own.

I unno know.
I could believe that. Easily. Their amps aren't very good for the price. Not too terrible though.

For $3250, I can get a much better halfstack as well.