Hey, so I haven't done a project for quite a while, and managed to find a Teisco Del-Ray ET-200 for $15 in pieces (just disassembled in a bag, missing some stuff though). I guess mainly what I wanted to know is how/where to locate some of the missing parts for it? I'm missing the trem arm, trem spring, a lot of the mounting screws, the bridge, and the emblems. I do have the electronics (all work, still wired together), pickguard, neck, body, and tailpiece. Also, would it work to use a Tune-O-Matic instead of the original bridge if I couldn't find one? Thanks in advance

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you could use a tom.

best way to go is for little crap like screws, get new ones. for aesthetic stuff like the trem arm, bridge, etc. check out ebay. either look for parts or look for another del-rey to salvage parts from.

you'll probably end up investing more in this guitar than what it is worth.