Hey all,

I've been trying to get my head around this for a time now, not able...
So i'm reaching for help to the masses;

I do know many, probably most, songs change key one or four times within itself, but i can't see how to do so without making it sound "sour".

The frustation for me is that there is tonnes of music released where combinations of notes that "should not"sound well together, do so (for instance from the album Nightmare by A7X and Asylum by Disturbed).

Both awesome bands with awesome music, but i can't wrap my head around their writing "techniques" , how they combine notes...
I'm trying to see what scale or pattern or whatever they have used to create their music, but i simply can't...

My question for you all is so;
Is my frustration what simply divides me from the great bands ability in songwriting (which would not surprise me... ) or is there some "secret" I have missed somewhere?

Would greatly appreciate any help...

(Btw, my genre of writing is the same as above mentioned, anyone have any tips in this area?)
I also have the same question, about Primus, Les & Ler's playing seems just so odd and dissonant but so great... :/
harmonic minor really had a good "dark" tone to it, thanks

additional suggestions are welcome
And also, the Phrygian Dominant is a mode, and I know I'll get flamed for saying this, but if you make a scale out of the progression, it's really cool. Just so you don't get confused.