Now, I've seen the threads explaining what Scales are, and I have a general idea, but I'm still getting the hang of what they really are.

So are scales used to write songs? ever since starting guitar, I've always heard people put an emphasis on how important scales are, and it kinda sucks that I'm not getting the full meaning of what exactly they are.

I'm lost
they are just a pattern of notes and you can use them to make a song as the kind of structure of it but it would be boring if your just going up and down scales
Eh, I use scales mostly for solos and a little bit for chord progessions, etc. I would start by looking up "Minor Pentatonic" scales. They're the easiest. But don't get hooked on them. They work for a lot, but not everything.
Yeah, a scale is a pattern of notes, that give a particular sound, such as the Harmonic Minor scale sounding Middle Eastern, Major sounding happy, etc.

Learn the Minor Pentatonic and Major scales first, Pentatonic being really simple to learn, and the Major being a necessity. Then you can focus on things like the modes of the Major scale, and other things.
there`s 3 basic types of scales

the chromatic (you already know this one but probably don`t realise it), it contains all 12 notes found in a octave....in it`s simplest form play on one string every fret from open to the 12th.

the diatonic, contains 7 notes and is the basis of modes the most important being the major scale.

the pentatonic contain 5 notes most commonly used in blues and rock playing.

when people talk about chord progressions you commonly hear the I IV V pattern that is basically taking the 1st 4th and fith notes from the scale.

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