Well.. I need some new strings and my question is if strings really matter? What difference does it make if I get some Ernie Ball strings versus First Act at walmart or Fender strings at Best Buy

yeah they do especially on an acoustic guitar since that makes a bigger differene on tone
strings can make a huge difference to the sound of your guitar. what difference they can make depends on the strings and the guitar.

for example, we have a rogue grand concert here. with the original strings, it sounded like a cheap crappy guitar. with martin silk and steels, it sounded a lot like a yamaha fg730s - warm and silvery. my ca cargo sounds boomy and bassy with d'addario pb's that sound good on most of my guitars, but the guitar sounds great, with more high end and lots of less boomy bass with da rare pb's. on the other hand, nothing so far sounds as good on my guild GAD-f20 than good ol' d'addario pb's. my all laminate mini dread yamaha jr1 sounded dead with d'addario pb's, sounds good with martin silk and steels, not quite as good with martin silk and bronze, and next i'm trying it with either dr sunbeams or dr rare pb's.

buy crappy strings and your guitar will sound crappy, yet even a crappy guitar can sound better with the right good strings. and which strings those are vary from guitar to guitar.
I'm sorry but i barely understood any of that =p what strings out of all of those would you most recommend?
there is no single best strings. it depends on your guitar and the sound you want.
In other words... Go try a few brands. Try phosphor bronzes from different companies. Try some 80/20s. See what sounds good to you in your guitar.

I could tell u xxxx strings are da bomb yo... And u might hate them
Blueridge BR-160A
As everyones said, very important especially on acoustic however it just completely depends on what sound you're looking for. I have shitty strings on my guitar, meh, oh well.
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