Alright we Are Band, That has a very Similar Vocal Style to JFAC, but not music wise, we will have Pig Squeals, Brutal Roars, and High roars.

Music Style though is Pretty Progressive, Sort of Thrash in a Way but not completely... its for you to decide but our guitarist is getting some Line 6 recording gear (pod farm) and we will get our first song up (Most Likley With No Vocals)
If You would like to be one of the firsts to hear we Plz Join Our Page for Updates we estimate about... September 26 2010 that we have them up maybe later if they are later im sorry.

So Yeah... Please Join.
-Brent Holder (Brent the Bass)
His Name is Ishmael... He Levels Small Buildings... Crumbles Solar Systems... Created Jesus... Destroyed Jesus... Created Hitler... Regrets His Creation... All of Which Done With His Fender Bass and Raw Power... His Bass Lines Created Orgasms...