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Code Red
28 23%
16 13%
Baja Blast
27 23%
17 14%
Game Fuel
10 8%
3 3%
6 5%
5 4%
4 3%
4 3%
Voters: 120.
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What's your favorite? I'm in love with Mtn Dew Voltage. It's just as good as the original in my opinion. But recently it seems like it's tasting more citrus-y than raspberry flavored, so it doesn't taste as good as it did to me for some reason

Poll coming.

EDIT Ah yes and my second favorite would have to be a tie between Typhoon and Baja Blast, it's a shame Typhoon didn't win...

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I'd rather gargle piss than drink mountain dew, so I guess this thread isn't for me.

I did try that bluish one a few years back. it wasn't as vile.
baja blast.

taco bell needs to let go of their iron fisted grip on it and give it to the rest of the world.
Go Veg.
I love the orange Mountain Dew they used to come out with. I haven't had it for a long time.

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i always wondered what mt dew tasted of, we dont have it in Blighty :/

they sell it in the shops now.

and, if you go to cyber candy in covent garden in london, they sell amercian exports of it. for high high prices.
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baja blast.

taco bell needs to let go of their iron fisted grip on it and give it to the rest of the world.

+infinity and 69 more past infinity.
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No matter what you like, you will like Meshuggah.

I don't like any of them but the Mountain Dew Throwback is pretty good, since it's not lame ass corn syrup.
Diet Mt Dew...does that count?

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****in' game fuel!! i could drink that shit all day.
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Diet Mt Dew...does that count?

Sure why not? I like that too.
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I don't like any of them but the Mountain Dew Throwback is pretty good, since it's not lame ass corn syrup.



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there was a light blue one i liked, other then that ill stick to sundrop
Live Wire, also my favorite of the flavors
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i always wondered what mt dew tasted of, we dont have it in Blighty :/

Yes, we do!

It's sold in Sainsbury's!

I drank a Fluro. Green looking one, high energy or something?
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Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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game fuel was pretty good, i had it when i bought halo 3 like 3 years ago...
My brother thinks Baja tastes like the way Pin Sol smells. I like Baja.
Does anyone know what flavours are available in the UK? The only one I've seen is that flourescent green stuff.
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I like Code Red, could drink that stuff all day!
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I've only ever had one sip of original "Mtn" Dew.

It was foul.
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Regular. What's that called?

All others suck.
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Mountain Dew is the best soda ever made
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Baja Blast.

Followed by the original red Game Fuel. I'm surprised me and a friend of mine didn't develop bladder infections from that shit. Drinking 12 cans each in less than a couple of hours, and still drinking on more all night.

I should honestly have a bladder condition at this point.
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Where the hell is the Throwback option? The one with ACTUAL sugar instead of corn syrup! That's the best.

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The original is the best, but after that is obviously Code Red, everything else is crap
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