That'd be my new pedal. It's a Planet Waves Chromatic Tuner. I think that's the name. I'm guessing here.

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My pedalboard needs longer patch cables, and then some rearanging.

So, about the tuner:
It tunes very accurately. Can handle low tunings very well. I tuned to C Standard, and it worked perfect.
It's got Sweep, and Strobe modes.
Has the frequency change thing.
It's got a 9V input, and the 9V output, which you can connect a daisy chain to(Haven't tried using a 9v adapter yet. Reviews says it buzzes, but I think it wont)
It's also got the Output, and Bypass outputs. That's good. I have it set on the Out, so it kills the signal(I'm not gonna explain my setup here. That takes up a whole post )

I bought it with the Battery holder clip broken. That's why it was 30 bucks. They go through all the trouble of making it solid metal, very hard to break. But then they cheap out on a plastic battery clip, which I imagine by the reviews, and the state of mine, break easily.
There's no On/Off LED, which is a minus as sometimes, it's hard to tell if it's on or off. I am gonna try and mod this, but the switch in their looks like it's not possible to do that.

So, that's my new pedal day.

Oh, I bought it at a pawn shop for 34 dollars, in Canada.
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Nice! HNPD!

Although Im curious as to what that on/off orange tin can type pedal does?
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What's the on/off switch for?
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HNPD I'm not trying to be an ass but you'd be better off getting the dod and fab pedal off ur board.....tone suckers. Have u tried the R28 mod to ur phase 90??
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Nice! HNPD!

Although Im curious as to what that on/off orange tin can type pedal does?

I knew that question would be asked!
It's a Reverb footswitch I made. The enclosure is a cat food can.

It is a pretty popular pedal line-up. It's cool how ours are very similar!

The DOD, well I ahven't got around to it yet, but I'm gonna mod it. Replace 2 chips in it, and add a gain pot to it.
The FAB Metal, well that's just gonna be replaced.
..I was watching my death.