am i abit late on this one or have all the Reverb stores closed down?

i was just reading on gumtree and somebody said they had and i googled it and there seems to be mixed opinions.

some people say they have yet there is still a website...

i did go to my local one a few weeks ago and it was closed but i asumed it was because it was a sunday...

anybody know any facts?
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ah, i heard something about this a while back, and i can't remember. I think they might have shut down... you could do a search on one of the more UK-centric guitar forums (musicradar, bareknuckle pickups), but the fact that name is the same as an fx pedal isn't exactly going to make your search any easier...
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Yeah they went bust iirc

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Last I heard they went out of business. I think PMT have taken over some of their stores though (most certainly the one in Bristol anyway).
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