xxxHi all, So I'm needing a good delay pedal and these are my 2 options: Buying a brand nu Boss dd3, or a blemished MXR Carbon Copy that a friend is offering me almost at the same price...So...I want opinions about the 2 pedals, facts...or experiences with the pedals, somethin' extra than the descriptions online...

My use purposes are for mostly practicing and some gigin'...I mostly play metal with my band so i will not require delay in this situation , but I require the delay for gigin with the school music group, and we mostly play Altern and classic Rock, and any other softer stuff, with a lot of chorus and slow solo stuff ...

My other setup doesn't matter too much, I'm goin to be playing lead through the schools' Fender FR65, With a Epi LP STD, and my Boss OS-2...nothing more i can say about

Well one is digital the other is analog. It's just preference. They both work really well. The DD3 has a few more choices in delay type and range. But if you Carbon Copy can cover what you want out of a delay get that. It also has a mod button, so it adds some modulation. They are both good and very different.
You are comparing an analog and a digital delay. The difference between the two is that the digital delay can be set to specified intervals of delay, whereas the analog you will only get a very general time for delay. The Carbon Copy also adds a bit of chorus to the delays if you so desire, giving it a very shimmering and nice sound. Personally, I think the MXR CC is a little bit better suited to your situation, but ask to try them both out.
If you're going to mostly use it for stuff besides metal, I would get the carbon copy for the warmness. The DD3 wouldn't be a bad option at all, though.
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