SO I've been looking into this for a while now, I have MTV therefore i wasn't too worried about not being able to watch it, but it starts in about 20 minutes and MTV shows nothing about it on my TV guide (i live in Canada). The awards are in LA so maybe it has something to do with the region I'm from.

So anyways, I come to the pit begging for help, does anyone know where i could watch the VMAs on a free live stream online?

Hope you guys enjoy the show and thanks in advance if you're able to help!
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A tv in the US? Get satellite?

I do have satellite, I'm with bell and live in Ontario, I'm on MTV right now but cribs is playing and the pre-show is supposed to start at 9 eastern D: but the guide says it's cribs for another hour and a half...
im not going to watch it.

and the only thing that sounds half interesting is probably being blown out of proportion by the media. :tswifts song response to west.
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jimmybanks youre a genius

its on much music in 10 min crazy kids now go watch something good
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I'm watching for Deadmau5.
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I'm also into it for deadmau5 and i'm actually gonna go buy much music right now xD

Edit: Nvm, I live with my parents and they are being bitches about it, time to add this to my reasons to move out list.
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I'm watching it for Brain Drill.

Wait. There not gonna be there? Wtf?
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I'm watching for Ke$ha

She gets nude, I'll watch....

other than that, I'm out.
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I don't know where you can stream it live online, but I live in Canada too and I'm almost certain it's playing on Much music (channel 30)
So i've found a potential site: http://vma.lookthis.org/

it redirects me to fill in a survey or something to make sure im not a bot, but i can't seem to figure out how to make it work, i only get a page asking me to download a smiley program or something, but there is a stream going on on that site.
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