With holes in our hands,
we picked up the sand
we had a blue print of a castle

I promised you a sunset,
with only death at the end
"But there's always the journey," you said

What manner of trickery is this?
there's an ocean in your ghost,
but you deny me every single drop

You won't say a word...

and as our thoughts condensed
into a more tangible form
you let out a prolonged sigh

you had been holding it for too long
girl don't you know?
your lungs will explode

well you're close to home now
"But still too far away," you say
you have to choose between your two loves

you won't say a word....
"No one is you, and you're no one"
I don't mind this- there is an element of scenery surrounding this like a mist that eases me into the poem; it was very enjoyable to read. you spoke well enough of the events transpiring but left it open enough to let my own thoughts develop. well done.
I really enjoyed this one, some interesting use of imagery and your general use of wording was very good and it wasn't vague (like some people's). I especially liked the second stanza, it has a simple nature yet it is very thought-provoking, especially the quote at the end of it. To be very honest with you, I really enjoyed everything here- which is rear for me.
A big thumbs up by me!