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Ok so there is this girl I like, and it is her birthday saturday. She told me she wanted me to make her a guitar pick necklace. I made it, and now I just need something to write on the back. Any ideas?
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"Pick me!"
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"Pick me!"



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Holy Moses.
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"Pick me!"

Done. /Thread

Everyone can move on to the next thread now, nothing can top this.
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That should do it.

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"Pick me!"


/Thread, it's over. Nothing can top this. Nothing.
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"Pick me!"


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By the way, what sort of guitar picks you using and do they have something already on them, like brand names and thickness?
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"Pick me!"


It can be taken in so many ways.
seriously take it from your elders sonny, use "pick me"
Write one word on each guitar pick

"This is my guitar pick necklace. There may or may not be many like it, but this one is mine"
Pick Gnome Property
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i just want to let you know that made my day.

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If she is a musician at all, this is perfect.
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If you really want her to be your bitch, here is my idea...Since it is going on a necklace, write this on it, just fill out the * * with the appropriate info

"Name: *name of girl*
Owner: *Your name *
Owner's address: *Your address*
Owner's phone: *Your number* "
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If you really want her to be your bitch, here is my idea...Since it is going on a necklace, write this on it, just fill out the * * with the appropriate info

"Name: *name of girl*
Owner: *Your name *
Owner's address: *Your address*
Owner's phone: *Your number* "

Does this guitar pick smell like chloroform to you?

"Ever tried picking for pleasure?"
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I wrote on one, "this is not a pick." Exploded a few brains with that one.
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"Pick me!"

TS, this will get you laid.
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The "Pick Me" idea was absoultely brilliant. Do that. NAO.

For real. So simple, but great.
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Something about G-strings/bending/fingering should suffice if you feel she wouldn't mind that.

But yeah, 'pick me' if you wanna be romantic
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One of the greatest first replies in a very long time. Mods should have closed the thread after it.

go with the "pick me" it's simple, easy to write on a pick, and since you like her it's a way to sound cute without sounding creepy
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thats great,

but sadly "Pick Me" is the best
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"Pick me!"

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