water-logged in-depth-initely,
cunning you say, as to exclamate my
charm, are the words i present so
lovingly-no philistine or make
believe being could capture you the way i've
captured you-in a very escapable harness,
no harpoon no rifles or spears,
only thoughtless am i to say that
you will stay, forever, even a week or a day,
without constant love,
and i would expect nothing,
or nothing less of
i will parade you if you'd like,
inside a carnival with some sort of light so your
smile is visibly clear,
it's not necessary,
but it's nice to know-
i am not alone in our love.
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just popped open a snapple and the cap says most elephants weigh less than the toungue of a blue whale. i was a little surprised by that and thought you might appreciate it.
you have a really great touch with shorter pieces like this and the last couple.

really good stuff.
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is this the year for good poetry? everyone's turning out really great stuff.

this is exceptional. the way it controls itself and yet meanders like its slightly buzzed - love it.