Hi, I was playing my guitar and I started to notice an odd fuzzing sound comming out of my amp. It was very soft, and I let it go, but latter I turned my distortion pedal on and the sound was much louder. I tried with both of my amps, both of my guitars, with no pedals, my wah wah pedal alone, my distortion pedal alone, both of them, I changed my guitars, and every time I got the same fuzzy sound.

The main amp I am using is the Drive CD100, which is fourty watts, and has five controls, gain, volume, bass, middle, and treble, along with a schecter devil custom, along with a berringer hellbabe HBO1 wah wah, and the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal. I just got the hellbabe and have been playing the hell out of it, and have never had this problem before. I have also changed the amp to a Yamaha GA-10, with three knobs, volume, bass and treble as well as a destortion button and i have changed the guitar to a Fender Stratocaster Squire and I got the same sound. I have never gotten this sound before and it is mainly affected by distortion?

Any help, i was going to take it to a guitar store to see if they could help, but I taught I might aswell try this first

Thank you for your help
sometimes when you play next to a computer or a mobile (or any electromagnetic machine) the amp starts to make a fuzz sound it happens to me a lot.

If you try to play without a computer next to you and it doesn't work try to get a new guitar cable.

hope you figure it out.