I was recently thinking about getting an Ibanez Sr300 Fretless. Can I use any type of strings on a fretless. I currently use DR Hi-Beams. I heard that some types of strings can't be used on fretless basses. Is this true?
You can use any strings on a fretless. Some people will tell you that roundwounds will eat a fretless fingerboard (particularly if it is rosewood), but I haven't found that to be the case. Others will tell you not to slap on a fretless because you might chip the edge of the fingerboard where it joins the neck, but again, I haven't found that to be the case. I've seen plenty of bassists slap the daylights out of their fretless basses and they don't seem to encounter any problems.
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yeah round wounds can put grooves in your fretboard. there are ways to prevent this like applying a ...lacquer? is that the word Im looking for? i dunno my brain stopped.
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You should be ok using rounds. Ebonol is very glossy and shiny, and though its very hard, I wouldn't be surprised if rounds scratched it up a bit. They shouldn't do any serious damage though.
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Yeah you'll get scratches on ebanol but it shouldn't be more damaging other than that. Don't bend the strings though, learn proper fretless technique and don't dig in too hard when you fret and you should be fine for a loooong time.

Just to put it into perspective, bowling balls are made of ebanol or similar material.

Rounds will give you the jaco mwah bright sound and flats will give you a warmer smoother mwah like a double bass.
Are there any books or anything else you recommend for learning fretless technique?
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Steve Bailey's and his video which you could probably find on youtube.

My only instrument is a custom fretless and even though it's hard hard work I wouldn't trade it for anything. You just have to keep at it till your ears get used to playing in tune.