hey i have a cheap old 20$ guitar amp
and i wnated to know what i could do with it or make it into
thanks guys
it could be used to prop something up, maybe a footstool, or a chair for a doll/action figure. I bet you could cut bits out and use them as coasters, that'd be neat.

You could also salvage it for parts, which parts, I don't know, as you gave no information, but I'd guess to say the speaker, knobs, jacks, maybe the transformer and filter caps if the leads are good, but all those electronics aren't going to make it so your drinks won't leave rings on your table, so what good are they?


you could hollow it out and use the parts that are usable to make a new amp inside it
a smal tube amp amybe
I'd keep the cab, speaker, knobs, and PT, other than that, maybe a couple ICs if you can get them of without damaging the IC. The chassis is probably cheap too, and most of the caps and all you probably won't find worth the time to desolder all of them, maybe some film caps, but I wouldn't bother with ceramic caps, and if it's old, the life of the filter caps is already probably half gone if not totally.
1. get really long guitar cord
2. go to top floor of hotel and throw off whilst playing a raging solo
3. ????
4. profit
monkeylink made me laugh
but he was also right.

maybe some pictures and/or more information would help.
although its still a $20 amp.