I get so fascinated by all the sweet renditions people make on songs. Here is a really old song i came across.

I'd like some pointers on what was involved in putting cool guitar licks and solos into a song. And how these was played (ie. was it sweep? was it a whatever major scale etc etc) I'd appreciate tabs too but that may be asking for too much. The really important guitar parts i'm especially looking for are at 2:06-2:16 AND 3:22 - end of the youtube video below.

Here's the song. I specifically found this so that the vocal can be singled out (Right channel of your headphones) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFDOC_TzXjs

If you're interested in the original, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6JKrhOfvyg&feature=related
basically yes there was some sweeping and some scaling. Basically the issue with integrating these techniques is getting them to not sound overly done (sweeping can get pretty lame really quick if its overdone). You need to understand whats going on in the song music wise (key, emotions, direction, etc) to properly integrate these techniques. One of the better ways to approach righting solos is to figure out what the rhythm section is doing. If there playing around a e major chord, a Quick E major sweep could be in order (essentially sweeping is just playing chords in a different way). Try looking into "Chord tone soloing". Marty Friedman (Ex Megadeth) has some great examples on this because he does a pretty good job of blending the idea of working solos around chords while mixing in color (chromatic notes). I listed a clip to get you started. You can find plenty of lessons on the technical part elsewhere.


I hope this helps
EDIT: you shouldn't get the concept completely off of this vid, but its just a rundown idea of it that sort of explains it
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