Hello UGers,

this is a track created between the end of 09 and the start of 10. I've just corrected some notes here and there before reuploading this.
The title should tell what kind of mood i wanted to depict in this music.

Let me know what you think, and drop a link to yours !

The melody was very wistful, which was good. One thing I would have done, at the end, was ASCENDING movement instead of descending - to fit the 'Fly Away' half of the motif. Harmonically it wasn't terribly complex, but the focus was on the melody, which held its own.

I hope your inspiration would be pleased with your compositional gift.

Slicedit: any song you like on my MySpace would be great - two that are similar to yours are Sketch 2//A Meteor and A Song for Oscar Stacey.
This is really nice. Its kept simple, and as said before the main focus is the melody. Which I really like. Around the one minute mark it gets really beautiful. I really like when it slows down. It really captures how sad the song sounds.

Keep up the good work.

TimboSlice -> For me that's the opposite, i find the descending melody giving more of that "fly away" feel than an ascending one would have done. Personal choice i guess. ^^ I'll post my review of yours on your UG page, since you don't have a thread here.

aaron aardvark -> i didn't play it unfortunately, i used one of the softwares from EWQL (since i don't have anything to record)

I'll get to yours, thanks !
Beautiful, just beautiful. There aren't any complaints. I absolutely loved it, I actually closed my eyes while listening to it and it was sooo awesome! The quality of it is really good too, I absolutely loved it. Is there any place I can download this?

Crit my song? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1359512

EDIT: Dude this song sorta makes me think of, Sisters by Pain of Salvation. You should check that song out, it's almost as good as your song :P
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Thanks ! send me your email address by PM and i'll send it to you.
That was beautiful man, I really enjoyed that. The melody line was awesome. If you were to improve on anything I would ask you to add a Cello in the background to fill out the mix a little bit, make it a little bit more interesting.

You might like a band called Ben Folds Five, awesome panio player with a bit of a roughness to him.

Thanks for the crit btw

I might do an entirely orchestral version of this later, but in this one i'll keep only the piano. ^^