Me and my fellow guitarist in our metal band usually write our own songs, which then we instruct each other how to play. We both like each others styles, but in my songs the tone and style are quite different from his, and vice versa. Is this a good form of versatility? Or would this tend to confuse an audience about the identity and style of the band. For example, he writes more melodic death metal type riffs and progressions, where I'm more prog/ thrash influenced.
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I write most the music for my band with the other guitarist helping a bit. Drummer and that other guitarist/vocalist do the lyrics. Bassist constantly drinks and does MDMA and other stuff and parties with the skids from the next town over while never showing up to practice. It works nicely though. You should be fine.
I generally write most of my songs and give it to the horn section to add in shit, write however you feel is the most efficient way for your band to operate.
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I find it kinda hard to write music for instruments I'm not that good with - so I think up things, jot them down on my arms, and proceed to play. Most of the time my pals can also thump out something, and after 5 minutes (or hours) we usually get that shit thight. Figure you can take it from there.
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You don't have to worry about it sounding too different. Songs played by the same band will sound the same. It only sounds different to you.
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I'm also in the same boat I suppose, for my band I'd like to have a couple of us sing, I'm a metal musician now but I have some of my early music roots in the likes of the barenaked ladies which uses two different singers. I think, at least for a first album you should use a lot of variety and then between the band and fans you can figure out if there is an actual preference for one thing or another for your bands music.
My band has two writers and that worked fine but recently me and the other writer started properly co-writing stuff and thats led to our best stuff by far though our individual songs add more variety.
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In my band, we all co-write pretty much everything.

We are doing a gig with our drummer's sister, and we're playing mostly her songs and covers, but normally we just get together and start playing and jams evolve into songs.
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I have a band of 4 people, and 2 of us write. The other guy who writes however cant sing so his songs are usually just music and words, then I come up with the vocal melodies. As far as other instruments go, who ever is playing that instrument writes his own stuff. I just tell them what chords I play and let them do their own thing. I trust their musical abilities and it always works.
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In my band, we all co-write pretty much everything.
Same here.

Our bassist writes great lyrics while the rest of us are pretty incapable of that so he writes lyrics, then our lead singer and guitarist and I (guitarist) write chords+melody together and we let our drummer write his drum parts. It works pretty well because we can have two people writing different parts in the same song but we get together to write to make sure the songs sound cohesive.
Me and our bassist write all of our songs pretty much, the singer sometimes drops a few lyrics.

Actually, our bassists usually has the starting idea.
My bands lead guitarist and I write all the songs except for 2. one our drummer wrote and another oour bassist and lead guitarist wrote. If our songs have a solo in it we let the one playing it write the solo though which kinda makes sens. I do ask if our bassist wants to write his own stuff too.

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Myself and the other guitar player write our music. He and I have the song at 80%+ before the rest of the band hears it. I write a song with most of the parts and teach him, he adds this flare, then we bring it to the band. We go back and forth with this and BANG out the jams!!

Do what ever works for you
all my bands have never written a song without each other.i believe that everyone has a voice and it needs to be heard
keep writing. keep dreaming.

keep the notes coming...

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