Heya all, If you read through all this your a champion haha.

Im currently to the point where I want to swap out the GT-6B that im currently using for individual pedals although im not 100% sure about practicality and the cost vs upgrade factor.

So far what im looking a is a Bigg Muff pi, a Boss Limiter pedal, a GE-7B boss EQ, then a nice chorus, delay,a tuner - and I already have a Crybaby wah.

The main point is i dont really wanna be lugging a pedal boar + pedals, and i find id much rather have the simple pedals rather than go through all the extra crap on the board to weave through the 1000 perameters to find what i really want. I mean i plugged in the big muff, 2 seconds l8r bam perfect. Chucked in the limiter, 2 seconds l8r im happy with that also. With the pedal board I just seem to find something im content with and next time im playing im like err i guess it could be better.

So really what im looking for are pros & cons people have in each regards and if they could help me decide. I play a wide range of stuff from say stu hamm to marcus miller to alot of prog to death metal, so a huge variety.

I wont really say start listing pedals that are good for these because im guessing theres a million threads with reviews on pedals of these types but its a GT-6B vs the pedals i want discussion.

those multi effects units are really more of a sampler package than anything else. they are something for someone to buy and kinda dip their toes into the world of effects. pedal boards are where its at, you get more freedom with your pedals (wanna turn your wah off but leave your echo on?) more tweekability with each individual pedal, and you get super cool points for having a more badass rig.
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Yeah thats what i was thinking... Fair enough for the versitility of having an all in one package.. but i know what i use and what i dont use (80% of the fillers on the board).

I guess i gotta work out what i will use the most and start working towards buying those first. and if i get stuck and need something i dont have ill use the GT-6B and just sell it when im perfectly comfortable with not needing it.