wanting to down grade my rig to a degree as i am giging a few nights a week. Guitar and amp are both in awesome condition and no problems at all any questions will be answered. Im looking for sensible cash offeres or trades on both preferably for smaller items in both cases.

How much you selling the Firebird for?
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£700 I Paid £725 for it out of a shop 2 Weeks ago second hand these (if you can find them) go for 700 or more. This particular guitar is in sweet condition.

To be quite honest i have nothing in mind in particular other than i would like a smaller size and weight guitar....im interested in any classic guitar design strat, tele, SG all the standards and i would also like a smaller amp probably a combo i play classic rock and indie so would be looking for something valve based and probably british voiced wouldn't even mind a jcm combo as it really is just the size thats becoming an issue the sound is fantastic. Im open to cash, straight trade or a combination of both. Would swap a guitar for the amp or vice versa so shoot me offeres people im just wanting to see whats about
would you be interested in my laney vc30? its been upgraded to a v30 speaker, gives the classic british oiced overdrive...
possibly mate what can you give me more info how old and speaker config? What do you propose?
If the transaction included either meeting somebody for delivery or paypal as payment method then i woudl ask for £650 for both. If it was cash on delivery or payment by cheque then collection i would take £600 which is actually less tan i paid as i bought the cab brand new for £300
How about an American fender strat (standard) with rockmonkey '62 pickups in?? Hard case etc. Was bought in december last year, brand new still in excellent condition!!
Interested in that Strat deffo what finish on it? do you have any pics?
give me your email adress and I will send some over the weekend!! Its an olympic white with white pickguard etc. Really lovely guitar!!

You got anymore pics of the gibbo?? How much you after for both the amp and guitar??
the amp is less than a year old, the speaker was fitted not long after it was bought originally, it's quite a well known mod that the speaker gives the amp a much richer sound...

it depends how much you are pricing the JCM at mate.. ?
A few more pics added sorry about the glare it is a mobile phone cam.....say no more.
Guitar modeled courtesy of the wife.