But is it bad if my strings have gone flat under the string locks? I mean I guess it makes sense for that to be normal. But my mate did them up really really tight and they are very flat, I'm worried if they are gunna break?
OH! Well, you shouldn't worry about that I guess :p Just play 'em I guess
Play the music, not the instrument.
Just the wound ones, right? Not a big. I'd be more concerned w/ stripping the threads if the locks r being tightened that much.
never overtighten the locking nuts, firstly you run the risk of stripping the threads secondly crushing the strings will affect the tuning and will make the string more likely to break at the nut and never let a friend do anything to your guitars other than play them occasionally.
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Don't even let your friend play your guitars! If he/she ventures near to them HADOUKEN that mofo!
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Yeah only you or a guitar tech should be doing maintanence on your guitar. And no, the strings should not be flat. You dont need to tighten the string locks very tight, just enough to keep the strings from moving.