Newfound love for trem systems.
I got my first trem-equipped guitar a couple months ago, an Ibanez S series with the ZR trem.

My friend is pretty intrigued by the whammy bar so he plays my guitar any chance he gets. I had the bar turned out (facing right so it wasn't in the way of my strumming), and he pushed it DOWN toward the body and POP. String broke.

I was distraught. But then we had an idea.

Since it broke RIGHT at the bridge, all I did was cut the very tip off, reinsert it into the bridge, lock it back, and voila. No more broken string.

I know the string doesn't always break at the bridge and I probably got lucky, but I thought this was incredibly nifty since I didn't have a spare pack of strings.

I know it's probably common knowledge that you can do this, I'm just used to hardtails.. and this came as a surprise as I'm still not too familiar with trems.
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cool story, bro

Cool trolling, bro.

But anyway.
I heard the ZR trems were good. But not this damn good. xD

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Choice is a wonderful thing.
I do that so often its not even funny. XD (ok it is)
With the high guages i have already i tend to bend a bit to heavily that i rip the string right out. So I unwind the string a bit (fix the end if its stripped) tighten it up, and I'm on my way.

and sadly for me this is the only positive reason to owning a Floyd.
i really need to buy a fixed bridge.
People in the pit take my post way too seriously.

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