Hi, I'm trying to teach a young kid at the moment, but he's really not capable of chords and tends not to practice the little tunes that other kids seem happy to play.

Any ideas for good easy riffs on one string, or just fairly easy riffs that he'll hopefully progress to?


Iron Man - Black Sabbath is pretty easy, but he's a young kid so i don't know if he's into that XD.
Smoke on the water
Iron man
Cat Scratch Fever
Sunshine of your love (ain't that hard)
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You can try to teach him an easier, slower version of 'He's A Pirate'... I'm guessing he'll know that and it used more than one string, so perhaps it's a slightly better exercise too.
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Just teach him to beat on the open low E and tell people he’s covering Slayer
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Just teach him to beat on the open low E and tell people he’s covering Slayer


teach him uber basic power chords and his ability grows, other than that, stick with the basics, Iron Man, Smoke on the Water, etc
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Seven Nation Army on the E string, easiest thing i can think of.
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Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. He can move it to any string and it will still sound correct.
My Own Summer - Deftones
Breaking The Law - Judas Priest

And a large amount of punk bands use powerchords extensively.