so as some of you may know, im on the amp hunt. Mere minuntesago i stundled upon this:

a randall rm100 head... for $500usd

( heres the link- http://www.trademe.co.nz/Music-instruments/Instruments/Guitar-bass/Guitar-amps/auction-317361758.htm )

after reading reviews about it, it appears really positve and tthat they sell for around 3-4 times this amount.

does anyone have any opinions about it or have experience with this amp and is it some kind of amazing deal.... or do you think there might be something up with it?
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yeah you're reading it wrong
buy it now is $1,200
$700 aussie dollars is the starting bid

yeah buy now is 1200 new zealand dollars, 700 nzd (550aus/500usd) start with no reserve - put a bid on and its mine unless someone else out bids me

700 nzd = 500 usd = 550 aus
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aussie and nzland ... same thing

so have you had any experience with the amp?
yeah its a bit excessively large. i didnt really want to go over 50w, but you can take 2 of the power tubes out to make it 50w
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aussie and nzland ... same thing

In what way is Au and NZ the same thing? Them there's fighting words.
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I own this amp and it's great. I'm am/was a big part of the MTS forum. I did about 7-8 mods for people to get the best sound they can out of their modules with my special Dragon Mod.


Anyhow even though i'm getting rid of mine tomorrow that doesn't mean I don't like them. I'm going to be in the market for an RM20 in the future or if it ever comes out the E2 .

I know these amps inside out so if you have any questions PM me.
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