A Christian told me I was going to Hell
for not believing in God
or having faith in scriptures and metaphors.
He told me God is great and He must exist
and how impossible it must be
that billions of people can be wrong.
I showed him my M1 Garand as my proof.

A Muslim told me I was a heathen
for not living my life by a text.
He recited the Takbir and knelt down,
praying for me to be slain.
I rested my hand on his head and shook mine,
telling him he isn’t the first to summon death.
I showed him my clean skin as proof.

A rabbi said Yahweh was concerned with my life
and the choices I decided to take.
Apparently Yahweh had given up on me
but I gave up on Him long before.
I gave up on all of Them
but I still look to the clouds
to try to sneak a glimpse at somewhere else.

We all live in our own little universes
and in those worlds, each of us is a God.
A realisation that has never been fulfilled;
we will find fewer answers
with our heads aimed at the sky
than we would looking in a mirror.
shit man, that is good. is it a song? or just something you wrote. i really liked it. religion is something that many people need to look on with more open minds, and that last verse definately provokes some thinking. good work
While I mostly agree with the sentiment, I can't help but get the feeling that this bit is pushing stereotypes all around, both for the religious and the non-believers.
On a strictly literary note, I found the last stanza to be more preachy (no pun intended) than powerful.