I've got a little bit of money and I can't decide which one I should get: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 or Zvex Box or Rock. I've got a hand full of pedals that I'm running off a daisy chain right now which is kind of a hassle. Though I don't have a good distortion pedal so the BOR would be nice. And I could sell my booster pedal and possibly my Russian Muff.

People are going to ask what amp I'm running through. I'm at school for music and I use different ones that the department has. I've got a 30w Orange practice amp but other than that, I'm using various amps that the school owns.

So, zvex or voodoo lab?
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Box of Rock. With the voodoo labs youre not going to clean up your board that much. If you don't have good distortion, that's a more pressing issue.
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*shakes head* "sell my Russian Muff". Never. I could understand if it was one still in production.