Somehow you`re rythm goes way off during the pre-chorus and your guitar skills also really need some practice. The chords in the beginning don`t sound 100% and somehow your voice sounds really boring, I think of the monotonousness in your voice, maybe get some singing lessons?

But it wasn`t really awful, just needs some practice...
I didn't think your voice sounded boring at all. You actually have a pretty unique voice, IMO...very smooth and soothing.

You did have some timing issues with the guitar in a few spots though. Were you singing and playing at the same time, or did you record the two tracks separately?
well i dont mean to sound boring aha just how it is really, yer i play the guitar at the same time as singing which is why at parts it goes a bit dodgy because for me (dont know about others) its not the easiest thing to do with a knew song that u havent played lots and lots.

cheers for the feedback though guys
Vocals have nice nice tone, has potential to sound very good. Guitar fluency, tonal and timing issues, however this improves the longer you play. Keep going mate