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Life Is Brutal
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Voters: 8.
It's been a while but here is the next round.

As usual, vote for the piece that has the best overall impression, including, but not limited to musicality, originality, structure, feeling and so on.

Crits and comments are appreciated

Good luck to everyone
Life Is Brutal.zip
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I'll edit some crits in here when I have some time to spare, been busy this week.
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Quote by YoungViking
I wish i could actually listen to the other comps..but tuxguitar kinda ruins them...

I always upload an RSE version on my profile for reference.
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This DiminishedFifth, always getting his midi to sound so awesome...

Alright, I just listened to it with my headphones on and with bass and treble turned up on my stereo. Damn, I'd love to see that recorded.

I can't crit much because it's too complex to change anything anyway. I can only say that my favorite parts were outro and intro and that the downtuned guitars were annoying as hell. The standard e in midi still sounds kind of ok, but everythign beyound is awful

Well, that's pretty much it already, we both know that you're a genius in composing these kind of songs. I could never get so much emotion out of melodies and chord progressions so kudos for that.


Live is Brutal

I don't know about that one. I read the story which could need some polishing imho and I imagined it as some voice over, something like war of the worlds.

What this song missed was an epic finale. It drags on for a long time without too noticeable changes

When I was at bar 118 I thought that this song needed a hook. I don't know if the melody starting in bar 118 has been used before in thsi song, and well, that's bad sign I guess.

The problem is, the melodies you have are too complex, it's impossible to get them into your head right away. You probably can't see that anymore since the songwriter usually loses his objectivity, but what I'd try with this song, is linking certain feelings to certain musical themes.

The first 10 notes of the melody in bar 118 make for a good hook I guess that you could draw out more in a finale or in a stronger climax.

I love the idea of the song, but I think it could have been better. It's really hard to find a good structure for this kind of songs and the problem is that your song is lacking structure.
Or rather, it's too hard for the listener to identify said structure.

For a start, I'd try to link the melodies you already have. AFter skimming through guitar one I could see that there are some connections, but it's not too noticeable.

Just try to make more out of this song. And maybe reword the story because your word choice is rather cliche. While I don't know anythign about writing lyrics, I really liked the first few fragments, but that "she was with someone else" already destroyed the feeling I got. You should try to stay on an abstract level. Plus, throwing in some words for feeling almost is the definition of cliche. I can't help but think of a 14yo emo kid that thinks he's cool when ge writes up his feelings. No offense here, just saying what I'm thinking. You should pick up that spoken narration thing.


Strange intro. let's see if you make something out of it later on in the song,
The transiton to II is lacking, you have to think of something else here.

Well, even after listening to it I am not really sure what this song wants to tell me. It seems kind of cluttered and unorganized but I'm not the right guy to crit songs like this. You should rely on DiminishedFifth or Jazzdeath, Life is Brutal or Huevos here.


THis song has a few rough points in its structure that needs to be polished but I really like it.

The intro seems to be kind of redundant. It's different to the rest of the song and since you have a complete cut with the piano part in bars 45-49 it just doesn't seem to be necessary for this song to work. Actually, the only thing you'd need to do here is to elaborate the piano part more. It actually makes for a nice melody witha lof ot different possibilities when it comes to variation in note choice.

The main part got my foot tapping. Your chord progressions make sense and I like the use of octaves. Maybe in bar 74 you should think about getting some variation in there for repitions 3 and 4. Just another harmonization will do.

The little variation in the drums in bar 98 are really cool, my favorite part. You could draw that out a bit more.

The fade out in the outro comes way too sudden. It would work better if you turned the thing at bar 98 into a full break to signalize an upcoming change, but the way it is, it is too sudden. Aside from that, the fade out seems to be too fast while the wait for the next part to kick in is too long.

In conclusion this is a great song but you have to work on intro and outro. The problem is just that intro and outro are usually thos eparts, that get stuck in the head of the listener and therefore are the most important ones.

Just try to play around with your intro and then just use this as your outro. A song stands and falls with its intro/outro so if done right, it can push this song to epic proportions.
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