I was in a music shop in my local area today, and this shop is pretty small and full of pretty average guitars and amps, anyway in walks this really old guy. He must have been in his 70's, with him he's carrying a beaten up old brown case with Gibson written on the side.

Anyway this old dude pulls out the most gorgeous Red Cherry Burst Gibson Les Paul, by this point i'm practically rolling on the floor orgasming just at the sight of it.

So I start chatting to the guy and he said he bought it in America back in the 60's, so I keep chatting asking him questions about it, and he asks me if I want to play it, by this point i'm spilling man glue all over the floor. Needless to say it was the nicest guitar i've ever played, sounded fantastic and the neck was out of this world.

So the moral of the story is, get to know old people, get in their will and inherit badass guitars.. that is all
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i bet it's a lot less nice now you've jizzed all over it
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Sounds like he has a thing for younger dudes, who the **** would let some random guy try out your 60s Gibson Les Paul?
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I played my guitar teachers 50's strat.

It wasnt that amazing....

old guitars have a mythos about them but they are not nessecarily that good.

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I played my guitar teachers 50's strat.

It wasnt that amazing....

old guitars have a mythos about them but they are not nessecarily that good.

this. older does not nessecarily mean better.

however, if i had the choice between a 1950's jazz guitar, and a 2010 one, both at the same price, I can saftely say I would get the former. But unlike TS, I would play the guitar, not cum on it.
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this guy?

next time get the serial number off of the "old gibson".
also, they didn't make LPs as we know them in the early 60's. (they were what we know as SGs then until Les went on Ed Sullivan and blew it for gibson).
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