I am piecing together a guitar for metal and i am deciding between active EMG 81 and 85, or 81X and 85X. I tend to play in drop C and lower. Any Recommendations?
emgs are ok i guess, i recently tried a prs torerro with them and tbh i wasn't that impressed.
the seymour duncan blackouts in my ibanez prestige kick their ass imo.
There's a thread on the stickies called "the pickup thread" check it just a bit up from here, it has the info you would need or if you want, ask there.
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i was considering blackouts, i did not like the tone of the mick thompson sig ones at all. Thanks for the suggestion, i will consider them. I have one question though are they good for really clean technical style stuff like btbam, and pth?
yeah, the mick thompson ones are too cutting for me, the standard ones are where its at.
admittedly the bridge blackout will distort pretty much any amp, but then its the same for the emg 81.
if you use the neck pickup, you can get a pretty decent clean tone out of it.
if you want to hear them, go to my profile as i have some recordings up with them through my 6505. if you want to hear the cleans, listen to the intro of 'stars'