Hey UG family,

My band, Consensus, has just released a new song on our myspace called "Causality." It's definitely got a groove to it, let me know what you think!


Thanks for your time.
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^^ yeah the prodcution was not at its best!!!

i think it's some sorta metalcore-ish thing so i guess vocals ought to be into the guitatrsr.. like drown.. not completely but like when trying to hear the vocals you'd hear the guitars as well..

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Sounds cool man, in some parts it feels weak. Thats the only issue. Thats more opinion though. For that type of music I like it quite strong. Maybe it was just the mastering. Needs fatter guitars etc. But I really liked it.
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Sounds pretty good, really like the intro, was powerful and the harmony's sounded great, like you can mosh and scream to it but then you changed up the entire song (it sounded different) at 0:40. that's where it went downhill :/ Originality is good, but if you go too original well it won't sound good and nobody will like it (you wont be a good band) After 0:40 it changed like every other verse (or during a verse) which was too much for me :/

If you make the rest of the song sound like the beginning (and change the tone/pitch like once then go back to the original sound) then I guarantee more people would like it and it can become a hit song. The vocals are good (reminds me of Taking back Sunday a little) and just that can make a band original. harmonize more and bring up the volume of the other instruments (guitars/drums/bass)
I too am not big on the guitar tones/overall mixing to be honest, however the song sounds good, reminds me of a local band that recently broke up called I Am Committing A Sin. Sounds pretty good but i agree with David, the amount of different parts gets to be a bit much, however i still enjoyed it.
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It's cool man, I have to agree with the rest of the dudes, the mix isn't the greatest. The song was catchy, I liked it! it was really cool but there were a few too many changes dude, keep it restricted but that's me. The instrumentation was really well done though! You guys are pretty original, I like that. Keep it up dude! I like it just work on some aspects of it and it'll be super awesome But this is all just an opinion, so take it with a grain of salt

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