Basically my tone has sounded off lately, got the amp checked and it sounds great when played with another guitar so was thinking it was my guitar that had the problem. Anyways here is a list of the problems.

1. Notes not as clear, a bit of subtle feedback when playing, particularly on heavier distortion.

2. Sustain is about half as long as it used to be

3. Harmonics don't ring out nearly as much

4. When moving my guitars volume knob up and down while playing it creates a strange fuzzy noise that it didn't used to.

Anyways any help would be appreciated

Thanks guys, apart from spraying contact cleaner (which I don't have) are there any other ways of amending this? Or is it worth just taking it to a tech to check it out?

No point taking it to a tech if it's just a bad pot. Contact cleaner costs about £3 and it's a really easy fix.
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Alright so you definitely think it's the volume pot? Because it's not so much the fuzzy sound when moving the volume knob up that worrys me, its the other three things. And is it just as simple as spraying the contact cleaner into the volume pot and it fixes it?

Thanks for the help, sorry if these are stupid questions, not great with stuff like this!

if you can't clean the pot, try removing the pot and connect your pickups directly to your output jack

its not worth taking it to a tech if you can either buy contact cleaner(and it fixes the problem) or buy a new volume pot(if it fixes the problem)

if notes aren't clear, maybe your tone knob is also not working well(or is not turned up)
Just buy a standard 500KOhm volume pot from a music store (Should be no more than a couple bucks, if that) and use the same wiring scheme. If you have active pickups, use a 25KOhm pot. It's a really easy fix.
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