Hey there everyone. I just finished up two songs and put them on myspace. One is a Trance number named "Help Us" and the other is Breakbeat named "Break Em' In".


Let me know what you think of em'. Crit for Crit.
Break Em' In: This is pretty sweet. I really like the drum sound youve got going on, and at the same time the electronic parts sound awesome. However it did get a little repetitive. If you incorporated some long held notes near the end it might have held my attention a little better. Also it cut out at a weird time. Other than that I really liked it.

Help Us: I really like the speech parts. However, I feel that they went on too long. But it was super funny when they got to the "were hooked on heroin part". After the vocals dropped out, I dont really like the high part, but I still like the beat. The drop at 2:41 is really cool too.

Overall, pretty good.

Thanks in advance.
"Break em": Parts of this sound a lot like Chemical Brothers (I think that's their name). I'm trying to remember the name of the song. I think it's called 'There is Hope', or something like that. The synths are actually quite cool. Parts of it are a bit repetitive though. What did you use? "Help Us": did you piece together the Reagan "speech"? I don't condone illegal drug use, but the 'speech' was kind of funny. Synths sounds pretty good, though, once again, it's a bit repetitive. Drums are good on both songs. Please review my music at this link:

No I did not piece together the speech myself. That would be awesome, I found it as a whole clip. I honestly have no idea where it came from... will crit soon.
Thanks for the crit dude!

Break em' In

Damn this synth is cool; awesome little riff you got going. The drums compliment it all perfectly as well. However, they seem a bit clean if you ask me. I think they need to be a bit a bit rougher, mainly the snare, it just seems a bit dull and lost. The cymbal is kinda annoying aswell, its a bit too frequent. I suppose you could get another cymbal sample and mix it up though. Bass has a wonderful sound, Im loving it, its just a bit repetitive, like the piece as a whole. It could all benefit from some mixing up a bit, introduce some new elements and parts, just to keep it fresh. Overall a really neat song though.

Help Us:
Again, some really dope synths going on here, digging the sounds. But also, its fairly repetitive again, the structure definitely needs some work. I like the gated lead that comes in following the speech bit, but it feels a bit weak/repetitive. Drums are alright, but I'd do something different every now and again, as they're fairly run of the mill atm. I can't help but think you need a little bit more than the speech to keep listeners interested as well, but thats your artist decision at the end of the day I guess.

Also, I think both songs could do with a tiny bit more low end.

Sorry, if I've seemed harsh, hope this helps!