The "sick/blood" thread made me think of this. Whenever somebody mentions headaches I always get an headche? nothing major but irritating enough to know it's there? and thinking back, when I get distracted, it goes...
This will start a RIOT! in me
Yes, just yesterday my roommate said he had a headache, reminding me I forgot to buy Advil, and I instantly got a headache, not a bad one, but like you said just enough to know it's there. Then even now all of a sudden I can feel my head deciding weather it should get one or not... weirdness.
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All the time D: But I still feel dizzy so my head already hurts.
la de da.
this happens to me all the time. but its just kinda being reminded to start feeling pain in your head
When I think of aches, I get ballache.
Thanks TS, thanks a fuckin' bunch.
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bodyheatseeker, I will NEVER forgive you.

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Whenever I learn about some disease I start worrying that I might have it. The headache things doesn't happen to me though.

off-topic: Is it grammatically correct to use "an" or "a" before a word with an H as the first letter? I see people using both and don't know what is correct.
*leaves thread to get an Aspirin*
Thanks TS...


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Kind of like the "You are now breathing manually" thing?

Or like when you see the word YAWN

or a picture of it

many people get the sudden urge to yawn
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Or like when you see the word YAWN

or a picture of it

many people get the sudden urge to yawn

Or kind of how you see that picture and want to shoop a curvy dick through her hand into her mouth.

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Thanks, I have now remembered that I've had a headache all day and it's returned, and i'm yawning
Can't say I've ever gotten headaches that way.
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LOL I come back to my thread and it's outrageous!

To the guy who said about "an" and the letter "h" after it, I don't think so. It just seems to be a common mistake... don't know why. I believe you only use an "n" in "a" when the next letter of the sentence is a vowel (A, E, I, O, U).

Anyway, back on topic -

I have to admit that was kind of surprising to see so many people with the same problem! LOL and that picture made me yawn... you guys got any more?

stubbed toe,
twitchy eye?

This will start a RIOT! in me