Hi, I've got a Boss BR900CD for recording on, which is pretty good imo, but my mic is a Shure PG46, so it isn't the greatest. It was good when I first started recording, but now I'm getting better at it, when I was just recording straight in with no panning, and no different mic positions for different sounds, it was fine, but now I'm getting better at recording and mixing, I need something better. What would be a good mic for recording guitar? I want it to be under £100 prefferably cos I'm 16 and don't have a job yet.
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Not sure how much Shure SM57's are in the UK but if you can afford one, get one. They work for nearly everything.
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+1 to the SM57. Just buy from a dealer or music store if you can...there are a lot of fakes.
SM-57 is pretty much the industry standard for dynamic microphone guitar recordings. Go with that.
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Another +1 to the SM57. You shouldn't have a problem getting good recorded tones with an SM57.
+1 to Shure SM57 but still if thats too much then the Shure C606 is amazing for a £20 microphone
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Get a used SM57 from a REPUTABLE dealer. Manymanymany fakes out there.
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SM58 will be better if your only recording vocals, SM57 will be better for anything else. Thomann has some good budget mics too, their T-bone line is supposed to be pretty good for the money. They're clones of the better mics (Shure, AKG etc.) but their SM57 clone for example costs only €30 or so.