Sounds great! I really liked the electronic parts you've got in there, especially towards to end. Great drum programming with the ghost notes on the snare in the middle of the piece, gave it that big Periphery feel. Keep it up.
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Keys were a bit loud at the beginning, and the guitars sound weak and undergained. Don't get me wrong though, the song is sick as hell, especially that end part. Very nice work, I just feel the guitar tone needs some work and the guitars could come up in the mix.


thanks for the advice! I know, i didnt have enough time to spend on the tones and this guitar mix is a new one that im woriking on, so its not complete. Also i am running through a digitech rp 250 which is a pretty cheap effects processor. I was thinking about the eleven rack (axe fx is way too expensive for me right now). Do you have any experience with it?
General consensus on ss.org/got-djent seems to be that the axe-fx is far superior; the eleven rack doesn't have very good djent tones and a POD is a suitable, much more affordable alternative. But then again, if you're not worried too much about djent I'm sure the eleven rack will suit you just fine, but personally I'd just wait until you can afford axe-fx, which is better all around, and get a cheaper alternative in the mean time.
Let's party.
Hey dude i totally loved the song. Just that the kick sounds that it has been programmed around the same velocities and give "humanised" sound to it. but otherwise the song is totally kickass!

I loved the changes and the synths sound really nice. and yeah the overall structuring is nice!

although one advice if u let the who heavy part fade out and then start with the jazz sax. it will imo sound better.

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Dude that was such an awesome song! Seriously, it was great bro. The mix couldn've been better though, umm I'm not too good with mixes and stuff but I think there's too much of a "click" sound, some parts were too loud. Dude but song writing wise, it was sooooo good. The different parts, the synths, everything. It amazed me! The ending was magnificent, I fell in love with it! Great job bro, keep it up!!

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thanks for the advice and the good words! i actually tried that, to let the guitars fade out and then put the sax but i didnt like it. and yes the bass drum needs some more work, hopefully i will be switching soon to sd2.0
thanks man! i will try a new mix, vocals will be added and i will upload it on soundclick or somewhere for download xD