I've been transporting my Orange head to and from band practice and gigs a lot this year and I want to get more protection for when we pile our equipment up in one vehicle. I don't want it getting damaged. I already have a case for my Orange cab so I think I should get one for the head too. I'm looking into a Clydesdale heavy duty road case. I would love a live in road case but a little bit worried about ventilation because the top vent would be blocked. I know air can escape out the back so I'm not sure it's a big deal. It would give the amp the most protection. I could put drinks/water on top and not worry. On the other hand, a lift off road case would give it more ventilation. I could just leave it in the tray, but then it's not quite as protected.

Just want some opinions on this.

Also, I'm from Canada and I'm on a tight budget. Clydesdale quoted me $275 CAD for a live in heavy duty roadcase. Anyone know of any better deals? Ebay is kind of sketchy for me and there are hidden costs that add up.
Not sure how much it matters, but greatly prefer lift off cases.

I too am concerned about the ventilation issues and I would hate to prematurely wear out tubes because my head isn't ventilated properly.
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Most live in cases that are specifically made for certain heads have a cut out section in the foam that allow air to pass through the top vent.

All of the cases at affordable-cases.com have sections cut out.
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