Hey any London people!

My band Another Day Lost (myspace ) will be headlining the Hope & Anchor in Islington, North London on Thursday the 16th of September. The rest of the lineup is like this;

THE PROSPECT - Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World …you’ll be falling for these American punk ramalama johnnies wholesale.

THE CHAMBERS - Rock/Blues. Influences GnR, Oasis, Kings of Leon. Quite Rolling Stones. Loud, catchy, devilishly commercial.

ORDER 66- Shiny happy pop punk along the lines of early Green Day and Millencollin... bits of Yellowcard too. Nothing to complain about here fizzy punk pop fans..

Tickets are £6 but on the link above you can print a flyer for £1 off. Would be great to see some new faces! If you come on down and mention the forum I'll give you a free sampler cd and either some badges/stickers, not much I know but it's something!

Yeah, how did you hear about us? we've not done a huge amount of foreign promo? If you're interested we should be recording an EP/Album in next couple of months which will be on itunes/amazon etc and a short run of physical CD's.