Having a baby soon, and no one seems to buy guitars in my area.

So I'd figure I'd post them up on here, as I can use the extra cash!

Martin DM-12, 12 String Acoustic (retail: 850$) - MINT Condition absolutely no nicks or scratches, with hard case (brand new) - Only asking for 400$!!!

Warwick Corvette Standard (2007) 4 String Bass (Retail: 1300-1600$) - GREAT Condition very little unnoticeable scratches on the back (not deep at all - very light). Comes with a soft fender case - Only asking for 450$ !!!

Payments Accepted: Western Union (preferred) , Verified Paypal. - Will ship immediately with tracking!

I also have pics if anyone shows interest! If you have any questions feel free to message me for my phone number or PM me.