Having a baby soon, and no one seems to buy guitars in my area.

So I'd figure I'd post them up on here, as I can use the extra cash!

Martin DM-12, 12 String Acoustic (retail: 850$) - MINT Condition absolutely no nicks or scratches, with hard case (brand new) - Only asking for 400$!!!

Warwick Corvette Standard (2007) 4 String Bass (Retail: 1300-1600$) - GREAT Condition very little unnoticeable scratches on the back (not deep at all - very light). Comes with a soft fender case - Only asking for 450$ !!!

Payments Accepted: Western Union (preferred) , Verified Paypal. - Will ship immediately with tracking!

I also have pics if anyone shows interest! If you have any questions feel free to message me for my phone number or PM me.
could you please post some pics of the warwick? im very interested, but at that price there has to be something wrong with it.
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