I just thought I'd give a bit of an ad for the upcoming gig that two bands I'm in are having in Burton-On-Trent in the club the Uba Rooms (which is now renamed "Liquid Lounge"). The doors open at 8 and until half 9 entry is free! (after it's £3 so still pretty cheap!)
And the best part is, drinks at £1 for the first hour or so, then £2 after! So pretty cheap (I believe this is a spirit and a mixer, though I'm not sure!).
Also as it's in a club, unfortunately it's over 18 only, Carnival Blue (the band that sorts the gigs here out) are trying to implement a hand-stamp system for future gigs.

The lineup for the night is:

Citys Fall Silent - A London based (they've come a long way!) Pop/punk band who are on their current tour.

Dispute - My own band, playing rock, alternative, ska and a hint of bluesrock!

Emily Harris - An acoustic artist, unfortunately I'm unsure on what she does, but I hear she's great!

Nombu - Another acoustic artist playing reggae/pop stuff, an amazing entertainer!

Carnival Blue - The headliners of the night and the band that made this gig possible. (Also another band I'm in, as they recently fired their lead guitarist and I'm giving 'em a hand). Definitely not one to miss if you're a ska fan!
Playing some of the best two-tone, reggae and 3rd wave ska you'll find in Staffordshire!

It's definitely going to be a big night and it's gonna have some great music and some great laughs!

If you want to come down please do!

Also, I may make a thread about this later, there are opportunities for your band to play this gig (as Carnival Blue can't play it every week, so they're after bands to play friday nights at this club), it's a great opportunity for any band, as it's a night club on friday night!
There is payment involved (I'm not 100% on how the payment's working, so far it's been that the headlining band will get paid but I don't know. Get in touch with me if your band is interested. Thanks.

Hope to see some people there or hear from some people about it!
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hey man, we'd love to get on one of these night if at all possible?

where a fast melodic punk band with a hint of metal


the recordings are pretty old from my old band but we do still play those songs, though tuned down a step now, alot tighter with solo's and generally better!

if you could hook us up with a gig send me a message on the myspace or to my email
I'm not the person in charge of sticking the bands on but sort of "fill this out" and send it to the email address and you'll be in for a shot

"Please send applications to Mark.Northcott@live.co.uk


FRIDAY AVAILBILITY (dates you can play!)

I'd also appreciate a video of you performing if available."

I don't think it's too hard to get into this gig, because Henry's pretty much hopeful for as many bands as possible to get in on this as it was his band (the headlining band at this friday gig) who were meant to be house band, though two of the musicians in the band are professional and traveling regularly so it's hard for them to do every friday, so they sort out other bands to go on.

So yeah, drop him an email with all that info and you should be alright!
No problem, mate. Hope you get it all sorted well! I haven't actually been in the venue, but the rest of my band has and they say it's real swanky!

I'm just hoping I can get some people interested in coming on Friday!
The more people that come the more I get paid cos we're getting all the money off the door, and I need some cash!