I've been playing on my starters guitar(80 Euro ) for 1 year now but I feel like upgrading.

I've been looking and I think i want a Ibanez, I want it to have a Humbucker (prefer on top one and all the way down one, so a single in the middle but i don't mind if the upper one is single too), It MUST have a whammybar because I use that a lot and i prefer a Nut lock but don't care if it hasn't got one.
my budget is about 250 Euro.

I've found these guitars:

Ibanez GRG170DX-WH White

Ibanez GRG170DX Black Night

Ibanez GSA60 BKN Black Night

What would you advice? (new guitars are welcome too!)

TBH, every Ibanez model starting with a " G " is kinda crappy and you'll notice after a few months that it really wasn't an " upgrade ".
It's great for beginners, and it's probably a little bit underrated, but I tried it more than once and it's not made for tremolo using, it goes easily out of tune, a lot !

I'd say save some more money and go for an Ibanez RG or RGA, or maybe an S470. Not meaning to sound like a jerk, but $250 will get you nowhere if you want to upgrade to a good guitar.

BTW , what's your current rig ?
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I don't even know what my guitar is called now, a Dimarvy or something? anyway it was so crappy that I had to pay like 80 euro's for the guitar with a Amplifier and accessoires.. so I will be upgrading xD.
Anyway i'm just a kid and i've been able to get some pretty good music out of my 80 euro guitar(with digitech effects..):P so i'm sure it will be much better(i've already ordered anyway).

The guitarist is what matters most right:P