Hi guys,

been offered a swap on my laney for this amp...

can't really find much about it,

anybody know much about it?

Use the Look link in my sig and then convert to UK pounds or where ever you are.

Edit: yep, I typed in DSL 201 and found ads that provided lot of info including links to owners manual etc. I'm not really qualified to compare the two. I have a feeling the Laney is better.

I've heard good things about the Laney VC30 but never tried one. I've played several DSLs and I think they are 'OK' but never played a 201. I believe it is just a 2 channel version - which I think I would prefer.

PS: I didn't google it or anything. Try that.
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ive googled it got the spec etc..

i was after the tone or reliability of it..

i like the jcm 800 tone and 900... just obviously jcm 2000 is different, wanted to know if it still gave the classic marshall sound?
I played one and I liked it. It's loud though. It sounded great through a Vox Satchurator. I got good 'classic Marshall' tones out of the one I used
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The DSL sounds closer to a hotrodded 800 than a JCM900 (unless you get a JCM900 SL-X).
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