Poll: Who would win in Rocky III: Apollo Creed VS Clubber Lang
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View poll results: Who would win in Rocky III: Apollo Creed VS Clubber Lang
Apollo Creed
6 75%
Clubber Lang
2 25%
Voters: 8.
I just watched Rocky III for the billionth time and for some reason I never thought of this: Before the final fight Clubber is telling Rocky he is "going down" and then Clubber turns to Apollo and tells him "after I'm done with him, you're next."

So who do you think would win?

Apollo Creed - at that time it was only about 3 years after he lost to Rocky so he's still in great shape especially after helping Rocky train. He's fast and has a lot of experience

Clubber Lang - huge, powerful puncher with "a lota moch"

*I wanted to make this a poll but didn't know how so if I messed it up/doesn't even show up sorry*
mr. T would win

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On subject Apollo all the way.. ya know.. if he wasn't... dead..
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