So,i have basically been to a big guitar shop only once or twice in my life,and next week im gonna be in NYC hopefully getting a new guitar and amp.
Problem is,i'm not sure how to go about it.
I'll probably go to GC,but im kinda stuck from this point.
Am i supposed to ask some employee for help or just take whatever id like to try myself?
I also heard bad things about GC in general around here.Does anybody have any experiences,good or bad,with the Manhatten store?
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that part of 48th street is littered with guitar shops. the old "manny's" is now a huge SamAsh. (where the beatles bought the gear for the ed sullivan show).

i'd go there as well.

also, just be polite, ask before you go grabbing a $2K guitar. they have cables to lend you so you can try stuff. i wouldn't sweat grabbing a $500 MIM strat or tele though.

general rule - that which is within reach, is there so you can reach it. that which isn't, is there for that reason. but it's all for sale so you can try whatever you want, again just ask nicely.

remember these are music stores IN new york. if you act like a dick, expect to be treated like one.

have fun and give yourself a couple hours at least.
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The Guitar Center in Manhattan is great. The vintage gear room alone is bigger than some vintage guitar shops. But it’s also located near thousands of college kids, and lots of tourists visit, so be sure to check it out on a weekday morning or noise will be a problem. J&R Electronics at 23 Park Row (about a block from the Brooklyn Bridge subway station) is another good place to check out new gear. J&R is out of the way for the kiddies, so it’s much quieter, but the selection isn’t as wide as GC and you can’t just hang out trying guitars and amps. Try B&H photo/video in midtown if you want good discounts on pro-audio stuff or Behringer’s knockoff gear.

As for handling gear, pretty much anything in reach is fair game unless a sign says otherwise. Anything you aren’t supposed to touch will be locked down, alarmed, or mounted fifteen feet up in the air.

if you act like a dick, expect to be treated like one.

Great advice for NYC in general