one day, a few months ago, i was listening to the song (sirens by angels and airwaves) and got the the part where the lyrics "i do this from time to time..."

then, when i got to the part where the words "from time to time" was repeated with a slightly dimmer volume of sound than earlier, i felt like i heard mark hoppus' voice.

the part i'm talking about is at 1:08 on that video i posted the link above.

so i decided to listen to it carefully and doing it repeatedly, and each time i heard the part again, it got me even sure-er that it IS mark singing the part.

can anybody enlighten me of whose voice is that really? please listen to the part first before adding comments to this thread and all.

thank you for your comments and/or simply viewing this thread
No it's Tom,

the only reason it sounds like that is cause he has a shit ton of effects on (probably to make him sound better)
yeah, perhaps a shit ton of effects does it. but does it sound like mark's voice or are my ears are just going bad? i mean, i know that they had some kind of a fight, but maybe it was a set-up fight or something? i dont know, im just spitballing here